Collection: The Zig Zag - Soap Dish

Here you can find every blend of soap dish. 

The soap dish is our no.1 seller. This dish is versatile, with many different uses. Firstly yes a soap dish, but can also be used to house your sponge and dish brush, your jewellery and make up brushes. Although we've had many people buy these for many other uses.

Each soap dish is the equivalent to approximately 2 large milk bottles and the lids worth of plastic.

Whilst the Zig Zag is stunning, it was chosen for practical reasons. This shape will hold your soap above the draining water, keeping it as dry as possible, and ensuring your soap lasts. The Zig Zag also create a perfect holding slot for your razor.

Unlike bamboo dishes which go mouldy over time, or ceramic dishes that break, this plastic dish will last a very long time and will not go mouldy.

Every dish will be slightly different and unique to you, as no dish is the same.