Here are some questions that we get regularly that might be useful for you - 

  • What does Müll Recycle? Follow this link for a helpful list 
  • Can Müll recycle milk bottles? No, unfortunately they do not work with our injection process
  • Can Müll recycle toys? No, anything complicated, with different bonded plastics and metal doesn't work with our process.
  • I have a business and would like to recycle with Müll. That's great news, you can send an email over to contact@mull-club.co.uk and we can get you set up.
  • What is the process for a collaboration? Send an email over to Charlie at contact@mull-club.co.uk and we can start the exciting journey for you.
  • Do you recycle - insert brand? If you're unsure if we recycle a specific brands plastic check out the list of what we recycle. If it is HDPE (2) or PP (5) it's likely to be a yes. If you're still unsure please send us an email and we can double check for you.
  • Do you recycle Jerry's? No, unfortunately anything with this particular texture similar to Milk bottles and Kefir bottles we can't process. 
  • Do you recycle baby food lids? YES, we love these
  • How do I recycle with Müll? Get signed up on the Hub by following this link. This platform will hopefully give you all the information you need.
  • What is the difference between recycling with Müll and using kerbside recycling? We actually recycle in house, so all the plastic sent to us gets recycled in one location. This removes a lot of possible journeys in a standard recycling system, meaning we are reducing the carbon footprint of your waste. Also typically only 12% of the plastic waste created in the UK actually gets recycled in the UK. So by using our system vs the councils we can guarantee all the correct plastic gets recycled with us. We have a very transparent recycling system, turning your plastic waste into beautiful homewares. By using our Hub you will also be able to track how much plastic you have recycled, and how much carbon and water usage. This has never been done before and is very exciting. 
  • Why do councils recycling rates not correlate with the 12% stat? Councils typically do not own recycling businesses, the waste management is subcontracted to recycling centres. Once the council has given the plastic to recycling centres, that is the councils stat. These centres will then clean, sort and sell the plastic. This plastic is then sent to another manufacturing centre which will shred and turn the plastic into little pellets. These sites could be anywhere in the world, and will likely have another journey to a manufacturing site which could also be anywhere in the world. Most plastic waste that goes to these 'recycling centres' are rejected due to contamination, and the council then has to incinerate the waste, or send it to landfill. The 12% is the overall plastic waste that remains in the UK and gets recycled here. 
  • I have a school/community project and would like to recycle with Müll.  This is great news, please email contact@mull-club.co.uk and we can get you set up.