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Zig Zag Soap Dish YE-0

Zig Zag Soap Dish YE-0

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YEO Soap Dish

This recycled plastic soap dish has been made using recycled yoghurt pots (a lot of YEO Valley yoghurt) from homes across the UK. What was once filled with food to feed a family is now a gorgeous soap dish. We think that's a much better way to be, than in landfill! 

Each soap dish is the equivalent to approximately 2 large milk bottles and the lids worth of plastic.

Whilst the Zig Zag is stunning, it was chosen for practical reasons too. This shape will hold your soap above the draining water, keeping it as dry as possible, and ensuring your soap lasts.

Every dish will be slightly different and unique to you, as no dish is the same. The images are an example as every dish we make has slightly different markings.

Every purchase supports our mission to revolutionise the recycling industry in the UK. We are actively diverting plastic waste from landfill, incineration, or being sent overseas. 

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