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The Ring - Blue Skies

The Ring - Blue Skies

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A ring made out of yoghurt pots? Why not?

This ring is made out of 100% recycled plastic waste collected from South East London.

Each ring has saved the equivalent of one plastic bottle cap from entering a flawed recycling system... incineration or landfill. 

Each ring has a combination of yoghurt pots.. in particular Fage and Sainsbury's own brand Greek Yoghurt, plus lots of white porridge pots, cream pots, baby food lids, and lots more. 

This is a statement ring, to not only look absolutely stunning but this will also help keep the conversation growing around recycling and plastic pollution.

Due to the transformative recycling system each ring will be slightly different and unique to you. The images are an example as every dish we make has slightly different markings.

Every purchase supports Müll Clubs mission to recycle directly from the community, within the community. Reducing the mileage from their waste, and ensuring that non of it ends up in landfill, is exported or incinerated.

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