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Dragons Den Bundle

Dragons Den Bundle

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The Set

The Dragon's Den Besties have a offer on.

£26 (saving 20% on the individual RRPs), 120g face and body bar + recycled plastic soap dish.

Müll Club and Faace are on a mission to save plastic waste, turning last year’s Quality Street tubs into your new favourite bathroom accessory.

What is included in this quality set?
This lovely lilac duo features the Filthy Faace face and body bar, 120g. Less waste, less faff, but oh so chic. This soap isn’t your run-of-the-mill bar. Instead, it’s packed full of the kind of skin-softening extracts and oils that you’d find in any top-notch cleanser.

Plus, you can extend the benefits below your jawline and use it to wash your body as well.

Using a dreamy but dynamic concoction of oils – sweet orange, coconut and olive oil – Filthy Faace lifts away daily dirt and grime in one fell swoop. With glycerine and shea butter, forget the stripped feel of soaps past, Filthy Faace promises to put back whilst it takes off, so that’s hydration, softness, and balance for your skin. And all from your forehead to your feet. An easy win, it’s a cheat’s version to clean and sparkling skin.

The perfect home for the Filthy Faace bar, Müll Club zig zag soap dish is made from Quality Street tubs and other 100% recycled plastic waste. Each soap dish saves around 64g of plastic (the equivalent of two large milk bottles and their lids) from entering a flawed recycling system, incineration, or landfill. Much like Faace products, the dish is not only a nice addition to your bathroom aesthetic it’s also functional, as
the zig zag shape will hold the soap above the draining water, keeping it as dry as possible and ensuring your bar lasts.

Every dish will be slightly different and unique to you, whilst each soap bar is also handmade and includes a different pattern.

As well as saving plastic, Faace and Müll Club are helping to tackle period poverty, donating a pack of sanitary products to someone in need via social enterprise Hey Girls for every purchase. Maximum purpose but minimum waste, we’ve got this.

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