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Coaster - Marble

Coaster - Marble

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This is a set of 4 recycled plastic coasters.

Created using plastic waste sent from homes across the UK.

Each coaster has saved plastic from entering a flawed recycling system... incineration or landfill.

The Marble blend is a combination of plastic, from black DVD cases, gold baby food lids, to yoghurt pots, Hellmans mayo lids and lots a clear take out container. This is a blend of black, white and gold plastics, really demonstrating how beautiful our waste can be. 

As each item will be slightly different blends of these plastics, every coaster will be slightly different, but the set’s are picked to be as similar as possible.  

Every purchase supports our mission to revolutionise the recycling industry in the UK. We are actively diverting plastic waste from landfill, incineration, or being sent overseas. 

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