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Pre Order a Müll bin

Pre Order a Müll bin

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To pre order a bin for your business or community please get in contact, or you can purchase one on here. 


We are excited about this next step of our recycling revolution that will allow others to more easily and more effectively recycle. 


Through our recycling system you will be able to track how much you as an individual group/business are recycling, how much water you're saving and how much of your carbon footprint you're reducing. It's pretty cool.

Whilst this bin is an initial investment, we do offer a part refund upon the return of the bin, providing it is still functional. We have to charge for these, however this is not a profit making product, the cost represents our costs to purchase the bin, and get it set up for you.


Most recycling systems will require you to purchase a bin, and we feel ours have been reasonably priced. The difference with our recycling system is that we are offering free recycling moving forward. So after the initial investment you will save money on your businesses recycling.  Plus our recycling is transparent, you know what is happening with your waste and where it is going. We do not resell the plastic to other manufacturers... we are not sending the raw plastic material overseas, we are not incinerating the plastic. We are simply recycling in house and with that 'waste' we create a stunning product, it's that simple. 


The first 20 bins will receive a 20% discount, so please drop us an email to receive this code. 


If you have an event and do not need to purchase a bin and would prefer to hire please send us an email.


And who ever thought a bin could look so good?



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