Collabs and Bespoke Creations

Yard Sale Pizza

Using the plastic pizza tables from Yard Sale Pizza, we were able to recreate their waste into a new YSP blend, and transform this yellow plastic into our gorgeous combs. We also recycle the clear plastic sauce pots, combining this with the cardboard pizza boxes, the packaging from Yard Sale Pizza ca be totally zero waste. 


The Man Behind The Curtain 

A bespoke spoon rest designed and created for Michael O'Hare and his Michelin-Starred restaurant The Man Behind The Curtain. This spoon rest plays a role in his tasting menu. We were able to work closely together to create a product that compliments Michael's food but also works as a piece of artwork on his dining tables, further elevating the dining experience.


Faace x Müll using Quality St tubs

Using last years Christmas Quality Street tubs, we created a colour way perfect for the Filthy Faace body and face soap bars. We worked closely with the founder to mix a blend that not only looks beautiful but has a purpose, and perfectly created a Christmas gift set. Last years Christmas waste became this years Christmas presents.




We made 2000 bespoke combs for LUSH, within 13 days and these sold out in a week. Every comb had to follow a specific colour way which we closely measured for each comb ensuring we had happy clients and in total we recycled over 32 kg of plastic on this one project.



London Festival of Architecture

We transformed the equivalent of eight people's annual plastic waste into 250 stunning tiles, which now adorn a beautiful bench along the South Bank in London. This project was part of a collaboration with the London Festival of Architecture, showcasing our commitment to sustainable design and innovative recycling.

Working with other brands and founders is such an exciting part of our recycling journey. Helping others get creative with waste, and recycle it into something gorgeous is all part of our mission to redefine the view on plastic 'waste'. 


We have many more cool projects being developed in the background for 2024, if you would like to find out how to get involved please get in contact via email -


As well as creating products for your business, we would also love your waste.